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Knife crime is an issue I feel very passionate about and I want to use my voice to raise awareness.



Knife crime is now an epidemic and needs to stop! Don’t stab your future – put the knives down!

Big up to all the mothers, fathers, families and organisations that are dedicating their time to combatting knife crime. But it’s affecting us all, we all have to get involved and this is going to take a village!

I want to give a big shout out to faron alex paul #fazamnesty who is out there on the streets campaigning tirelessly and collecting knives. There is no one solution and I applaud him for connecting with the youths to get the blades off the streets!

All proceeds from ‘don’t stab your future’ t shirts, sweats and hoodies will go towards supporting the work of #fazamnesty

Let’s step up to stamp out knife crime.